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Need a Plumber in Capalaba now?

Need a Plumber in Capalaba now?

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The frustration that comes with any plumbing issue, from a blocked drain, installation issues that you’ve discovered in your new home, or the (unfortunately) all-too-common burst pipe can throw our lives into disarray. But if you’re looking for an emergency plumber in Capalaba, look no further than K-Oz Plumbing. We provide plumbing assistance in the Capalaba area to help with any plumbing and heating problem you can throw at us. Our 24/7, 365 days a year service with fully licensed and experienced tradesmen is a fully professional and prompt service that you can depend on to fix any plumbing issues. 

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So What Do We Deal With?

Try us! We cover so much ground that you’d be surprised. We cover the following:  


Our 24-hour emergency plumbing can fix problems such as cracked pipes, leaking sinks, and emergency gas issues. You need a plumber at 3 in the morning? With 24/7 365 coverage, we are there for you.


We fix leaking taps, toilets, shower taps, and anything that drips. We also provide replacement tap washers and toilet cisterns for those that can’t get to a hardware store.

Blocked Drains

Our Capalaba plumbing services covers a wide range of tools, like the electric eel and camera devices, so we can get to the root cause of any blockage.

Solar Water System Replacements

If you want to get involved in solar power, our endorsed Capalaba plumbers will guarantee you get to the cutting edge of solar water technology to help the environment, while still getting that all-important hot water.

Hot Water System Replacements

Our high quality replacement models have up to 12-year warranties, in a range of sizes, so we can truly help you out with any of your hot water problems.

Drainage Issues

There are a lot of blocked drains in Capalaba! Whether there’s too much hair or the drain is beyond repair, we have a wide variety of tools to help you unblock your shower or toilet.

Gas Installations

If you need a new gas hot water system or need repairs to your existing heater as a gas plumber in Capalaba, we are fully licensed and will service your water system, as well as provide you with replacement parts for the best hot water system brands.

Storm Water

In the event of a storm it can be stressful to undertake the necessary repairs. Our 24-hour emergency team will guarantee that whatever the emergency is, we will get your plumbing back up and running.


Sewage problems result in blocked drains, blocked toilets, and problems with your daily shower, not to mention the almighty stink! We can help you to evaluate the problems.

Burst Pipes

When there is a burst pipe or leaking faucet we can offer numerous emergency plumbing services in Capalaba.

Home, Bathroom, or Kitchen Renovations

We can also help you to install and renovate a new water appliance in your home, whether it's for commercial or domestic service, inside a property or outside, we can help.

Why Choose K-Oz Plumbing and Gas?

Looking for a plumber in Capalaba is not always straightforward. You need a plumber that provides the right service and does the job you need, to your standards. Our fully qualified engineers with over 15 years of experience in the plumbing industry (not to mention our 5-star reviews from customers) will guarantee that you get what you need. We all need peace of mind, especially when we have a broken pipe or a leak, but we also need a speedy service, not to mention competitive quotes. We can give you all of this and more.

Our plumbers are fully licensed and experienced tradesmen with years of experience, and we offer a 7-year workmanship guarantee on our services, so if you are are looking for the source of a leak or have emergency plumbing problems, you can get in contact with us today. We offer you a free quote with no obligations, so you have the freedom to go elsewhere. Whatever the problem, we can guarantee our experienced plumbing specialists will get to the bottom of it. You don’t want your life to stop or render your home inhabitable because of a plumbing issue. We have the tools, the tricks, and the talent, to guarantee that your broken pipes are just a pipe dream and nothing more.

We cover from the Pacific Motorway, Ekibin Road and down to Toohey Forest Park QLD 4121.

If you need a trustworthy, honest, and reliable local Capalaba plumber, give us a call 07 3901 6042.

Why Choose Us

With over 15 years of experience in the Brisbane plumbing industry and some of the best online reviews in the Brisbane plumbing area, you'll have full peace of mind when dealing with us at K-Oz Plumbing. So contact us now - you won't be disappointed.



Our plumbers are fully licensed and experienced tradesmen.

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We offer a 7-year workmanship guarantee on our services.

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