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Hot Water Guide & FAQ's

Do you have issues with your Brisbane hot water system, no hot water, handy tips?

With over 20 years experience in the Brisbane Hot water system field, K-Oz Plumbing will be able to assess and determine the required hot water repairs and get your water hot again.

Electric Hot Water FAQ's

No Hot Water – Electric storage 

  • Check if the power has been turned off to the unit.
  • Check if the circuit breaker is on, if its tripped you may need to contact an electrician.
  • Has there been a power cut, may need to wait until the unit heats up again
  • Has the hot water been used up, if peak electricity you my have to wait 1-2 hours to reheat or if off-peak, wait until morning and test again
  • Is the unit leaking or burst
  • Tempering valve may have failed, call K-Oz Plumbing for further help
FAQ's for Hot Water in Brisbane
Gas hot water systems

No Hot Water – Gas Hot Water

  • Check power supply – i.e. plug or power is going to the unit. 
  • If you can smell a strong gas call K-Oz plumbing 24/7
  • Check your gas supply it turned on, have is there gas in your gas bottles. 
  • Have you opened an account with a gas supplier? Your gas may have been disconnected when a previous tenant or owners lived there.
  • Check with your Property Manager or Real Estate Agent for help or more information on the type of hot water system you have at the property.
  •  Has the pilot light gone out? There should be a small blue flame constantly alight. The instructions to turn on the pilot light is usually on the back on the Gas HWS panel. You don’t need to be a gas fitter to relight somes pilot lights. Rain or wind can cause a pilot light to go out. 
  • If you are unable to relite the gas hot water system it may need a service, have a faulty thermocouple, broken thermostat or blocked pilot tube
  • Call K-Oz Plumbing for help 07 3901 6042
Solar Hot Water Brisbane

No Hot Water

  • Check there is power to the solar hot water unit, check the circuit breaker, you may need to contact an electrician.
  • Has it been overcast?
  • Is the booster switch off?
  • Has one of the panels or tank been damaged?
  • Does the thermostat need replacing?
  • Contact us for help and assistance.

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