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Hot Water Guide & FAQ's

Do you have issues with your Brisbane hot water system, no hot water, handy tips?

With over 20 years experience in the Brisbane Hot water system field, K-Oz Plumbing will be able to assess and determine the required hot water repairs and get your water hot again.

Electric Hot Water FAQ's

No Hot Water – Electric storage 

No hot water?
If your hot water has  suddenly turned cold and  your hot water system does not seem to be working then it might be an easy fix. 
  • If you have a Rheem , Dux, Everhot, Thermann , Aquamax, Vulcan, Saxon, Hills, Solarhart  hot water system that is not working and only producing cold water then please read the below FAQ’s  to see if you can troubleshoot and fix yourself.  You might be able to fix the hot water system without calling a plumber or gasfitter. Call us for free as we might be able to help you over the phone and fix the issue.
  • Check if the power has been turned off to the unit.
  • Check if the circuit breaker is on, if its tripped you may need to contact an electrician.
  • The heating element inside the hot water tank could need replacing
  • If the hot water system tank is leaking and ruptured then you might need a new hot water heater. 
  • Has there been a power cut, may need to wait until the unit heats up again
  • Has the hot water been used up, if peak electricity you my have to wait 1-2 hours to reheat or if off-peak, wait until morning and test again
  • Tempering valve may have failed, call K-Oz Plumbing for further help
 Saxon Hot Systems
  • If you have a Saxon hot water system you may have to top up the tank. 
  • Once every six months the pressure relief valve must be checked by the owner. To top up the tank and check the valve, lift the valve lever against the spring pressure until water flows from the overflow pipe. When water flows from the overflow, restore the lever to its original position. (Do not let the lever snap back, as this may damage the valve seat). As cold water is introduced into the tank, it will expand and continue to flow for some time. It is good idea to do this check whenever you receive your electricity bill. If water does not flow freely. 
FAQ's for Hot Water in Brisbane
hot water help K-Oz plumbing
Fill Saxon hot water tank up
Saxon Top Tank Instructions
Rinnai gas hot water Brisbane, gas hot water installers for the Brisbane area , Gas fitters Brisbane , Gas leaks, gas fitter Brisbane
Rinnai B26 Natural gas or LPG

No Hot Water – Gas Hot Water

  • Check power supply – i.e. plug or power is going to the unit. 
  • If you can smell a strong gas call K-Oz plumbing 24/7
  • Check your gas supply it turned on, have is there gas in your gas bottles. 
  • Have you opened an account with a gas supplier? Your gas may have been disconnected when a previous tenant or owners lived there.
  • Check with your Property Manager or Real Estate Agent for help or more information on the type of hot water system you have at the property.
  •  Has the pilot light gone out? There should be a small blue flame constantly alight. The instructions to turn on the pilot light is usually on the back on the Gas HWS panel. You don’t need to be a gas fitter to relight somes pilot lights. Rain or wind can cause a pilot light to go out. 
  • If you are unable to relite the gas hot water system it may need a service, have a faulty thermocouple, broken thermostat or blocked pilot tube
  • Call K-Oz Plumbing for help 07 3901 6042
Rheem solar hot water FAQs

No Hot Water

  • Check there is power to the solar hot water unit, check the circuit breaker, you may need to contact an electrician.
  • Has it been overcast?
  • Is the booster switch off?
  • Has one of the panels or tank been damaged?
  • Does the thermostat need replacing?
  • Contact us for help and assistance.

STIEBEL ELTRON  – hot water trouble shooting guides

  1. Sensor resistance values

  2.  Service panel info & fault codes v1.37 for WWK222/302 (H)

  3. Heat Pump WWK 222 & 302 H Operation & installation 

  4. Service bulletin – WWK222/302 H

  5. Heat pump instructions – Loctite Tank Repair


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