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Choose K-Oz Plumbing as your local Brisbane gas fitters! Call us for help  on 07 3901 6042 24/7 for any gas leaks and emergency gas repairs.

 We offer free advice and gas fitting solutions tailored to your requirements.

  1.  Our Gas fitter can help with Emergency Gas leak repairs in Brisbane 24/7 365 days a year
  2. Our Gas fitters can install LPG gas repairs and replacement parts
  3. Our Gas fitters can install Natural gas cook tops and ovens
  4. Our Brisbane gas fitters will provide your with Gas compliance certificate for new gas appliances and repairs to existing.
  5. Our Gas fitters can repair and install new gas hot water systems in Brisbane

K-Oz Plumbing are Brisbane gas plumbers, and can install your new gas cooktops, gas BBQs, gas hot water systems and issue full gas compliance certificates.

Gas can be very dangerous, so don’t take any risks when dealing with your gas appliances. Using qualified Brisbane gas fitters like K-Oz Plumbing gives you the peace of mind that your gas appliances have been installed correctly.

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Gas Services

Here at K-Oz Plumbing safety is our number one priority.

We follow the gas industry standard guidelines and regulations and never compromise on customer’s wellbeing and safety. We know that it is of the utmost importance that your gas appliances have been correctly installed.. Brisbane Gas & LPG installation services include.
  • Installation & connection of gas services and appliances
  • Gas hot water system installations
  • New gas piping installations
  • Gas stove installations
  • Gas BBQ installations
  • Gas cooktop installation
  • Gas appliance servicing
  • Bosch Gas hot water systems
  • Brisbane Gas Repairs, gas compliance certificates and we fix Brisbane gas leaks
  • Gas & LPG inspections, certification services
  • Connection & inspection of all gas services
  • Gas & LPG compliance certificates
  • Gas leak inspections
  • Emergency Brisbane gas leaks
  • Commercial gas fitting & installation services
  • Work burners, deep fryers & gas oven installations
  • Gas kitchen appliances
  • Gas heating appliances
  • Commercial gas hot water systems

K-Oz Plumbing Services

Blocked Toilet, Blocked sewer, Blocked stormwater, Blocked ORG, Blocked Drain, call K-Oz Plumbing for help with your Blocked Drains in Brisbane.

Emergency plumber to help, cracked pipe repairs, burst pipes, leaking pipes K-Oz Plumbing can fix your Brisbane plumbing issues today.

No hot water, hot water system repairs and replacements, gas hot water, electric hot water and solar hot water – Rheem, Vulcan, Saxon, Everhot, Bosch, Rinnai, Dux – Call K-Oz for help.
Leaking pipes, burst pipes, burst flexi hoses, Leak detection – leak reports – we can help replace and fix your leaks.
Dripping shower heads, water shower head replacements, blocked shower heads, blocked shower grate – K-Oz Plumbing can help.
Leaking taps, tap washer replacements, cracked taps, dripping taps – call K-Oz Plumbing for help.

Why is it important to hire a professional gas fitter?

We all want a cosy and comfortable life in our home. Thanks to technology, there are a lot of utilities that make your life easier and more comfortable. These modern appliances and utilities help people to turn their house into “home sweet home.” The list of amenities may vary from person to person, but has a variety of similar items, including water , electricity, security, telecommunications, and gas. While each of them plays a vital role, gas is among the most important elements for a house. From stoves to fireplaces to hot water in your bathroom, a perfectly installed gas system offers you plenty of comfort. However, the benefits of a gas system can best be appreciated when it is properly installed and only an expert, qualified gas fitter can help you with the setup of a professional gas system.

What is a gas fitter?

A gas fitter is a specialist qualified to work on gas fittings, installations and appliances for industrial, commercial and residential builds. We are professionals who understand the technological dimension and complexity of the job and offer high-end facilities for gas related appliances.

What are the benefits of hiring a gas fitter?

Preventing accidents

There are many risks that come with gas, because of the high flammability of the substance. Although the gas grid is the most efficient and widely used service, there is a high risk of accidents due to a gas pipeline that is improperly constructed or destroyed. Leaks from the pipe will cause the gas to react with the air, not only to pollute the air quality, but also to increase the danger of fire. 

What is more...

If you have a licenced gas fitter performing the installation, they will ensure that the natural gas fittings are correctly mounted so that there is no chance of leakage. A local gas fitter undergoes rigorous training and review in order to receive a Gas fitters certificate and to become a pro in the job. It makes them professional and experienced in testing the whole network for leakage or other forms of leakage.

Evaluation of the current system

Specialists advise that the condition of the existing gas system be assessed from time to time. It helps to take the necessary steps to ensure that the gas pipes and pipe systems are in good shape and condition. A qualified gas fitter has the expertise and experience of testing the device and notifying you of any risks. With reliable knowledge about the gas supply, you can plan ahead to avoid a catastrophe.

For home renovations or installation of appliances

When you have purchased a new gas-operated appliance or have a bathroom or kitchen remodelling plan, it is wise to contact a local expert first. Your gas fitter will tell you the best way to mount the unit, or how you can save on natural gas fittings during renovation.

Special care for your gas system

In addition to giving you a solution to your dilemma, qualified gas fitters walk an extra mile to ensure you understand the value of the gas system and the components fitted. They can provide advice about how to take care of your gas system and what to do in the case of an emergency. They will also discuss the cause of your leak (if any) and how you can avoid it in the future.

You've got someone to depend on

Gas leaks are a major problem and to make sure you have the assistance you need, hiring a qualified gas fitter is a must. With a permanent gas fitter at your fingertips, you can call for help and have your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

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