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Electric Hot Water

Electric Hot Water
K-Oz Plumbing specialize in hot water system repairs and replacements

Need a repair to an existing electric hot water system in Brisbane? Need a replacement electric hot water system? We don't just sell you an electric hot water system in Brisbane; we will sell you a hot water system specific to your needs guaranteed to meet all your expectations and more.

Selecting the correct hot water unit can help save MONEY, POWER, and WATER CONSUMPTION.

K-Oz Plumbing can assist you with:

  • Electric hot water installations, hot water tanks, hot water heaters
  • Repairs and servicing of existing hot water units
  • Free hot water options - if your hot water system fails and breaks down, we can usually come and fit a temporary hot water system for free when you order the new unit from us. This ensures you still have hot water while the new system is being ordered
  • Repair of leaking hot water systems
  • Leaking valve and valve replacements on hot water systems
  • Low hot water pressure
  • Electric hot water options from Rheem, Aquamax and Thermann, with 125L, 160L, 250L, 315L and 400L systems available
  • No hot water, airlocks, replacement elements
  • Saxon, Rheem, Thermann, Aquamax hot water







  • Airlocks in hot water tank
  • Stainless steel and ceramic/glass lined hot water system options
  • 5 year, 7 year and 10 year warranty options
  • Fitted by fully qualified Brisbane plumbers.
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Water saving tips & plumbing facts for Brisbane:
In The Bathroom

Bathrooms and toilets account for about 40% of your household water use.

Simple changes to your bathroom fittings and in your everyday habits can result in substantial water savings.*

Install a water efficient showerhead.

By replacing your showerhead with a three star/AAA rated showerhead, you can save around 11 litres of water a minute.*

Take shorter showers.

By reducing your shower time by one minute a day, you can save more than 7,300 litres of water a year!*

Install tap aerators.

Tap aerators can reduce the flow of water through a tap by up to 50%. Over a year, this could save a family more than $60.*

Fix dripping taps.

A tap dripping at a rate of one drop per second wastes approximately 20,000 litres of water per year. So make sure you fix a dripping tap as soon as you notice it.*

Only fill the bath with as much water as needed.

Use less water for children and pets and check the temperature as you fill. Adding extra water to get the correct temperature after the bath is at the right level, is wasteful.

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

If you turn off the water while you're brushing your teeth, you could save more than 50,000 litres of water for a family of four over a year.*

Use a dual flush toilet.

Using a dual flush four star rated toilet can save the average home up to 35,000 litres of water a year.*

Check for toilet leaks.

You can check for leaks in your toilet by placing a few drops of food dye into the cistern. If, after 15 minutes, the food dye has seeped into the bowl then you may have a leak. We recommend you get in contact with a licensed plumber to fix this for you.


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