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Need an Plumber in Belmont now?

Need an Plumber in Belmont now?

When you have plumbing problems in Belmont, you need the best plumber in Belmont to take care of it. Not only does K-Oz Plumbing & Gas offer incredible customer services. These glowing recommendations have been verified hundreds of times across multiple customer review sites. But, K-Oz Plumbing & Gas is the best plumber in Belmont. K-Oz Plumbing Belmont is fast, efficient, and extremely skilled.

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K-Oz Plumbing Belmont

Plumbing issues are no fun, but they do happen. You need an expert plumber in Belmont that can take care of your plumbing emergencies and regular maintenance.

K-Oz Plumbing is the leading expert in plumbing in the Belmont area.

Having over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry, K-Oz Plumbing is a name that you can trust. K-Oz plumbing is proud to say that we have 100% positive reviews and are known for our outstanding customer care. 

We always put our customers first, as a family-run business we care about people and plumbing.

When booking Belmont’s best plumbers, here is what you can expect:

You can contact K-Oz Plumbing today for a no obligations, totally FREE quote on your plumbing problems in Belmont.

We offer a 7-year workmanship guarantee on all of our services because we are so confident in our incredibly high-standard workmanship.

K-Oz Plumbing believes that the client’s needs come first, which is why we always give transparent pricing, honest and free advice, and a free quote.

K-Oz ensures that hiring a plumber in Belmont is easy, you can give us a call or use the online booking form.

It is sadly often the case that people leave a leaky tap a little too long before getting in touch. When there are leaky taps, it can cause you to have high water bills, and over time those small drips really add up. Leaks don’t just happen with faucets/taps, though. It is possible to have a leaking pipe inside and outside the home. As well as a leaking toilet.

Homes that are 25 years or older should require a thorough check of their pipes, even if you are unsure if you have leaks.

If any of this applies to you, then get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote.

Water leaks, burst pipes, and other plumbing issues have an impact on the rest of your home. Without having a professional inspect and fix your leaks within the property, you might notice that you have higher than usual utility bills, the arrival of pests, some structural damage can also occur.

If leaks aren’t taken care of quickly, mould and mildew can pose a threat. Mould can cause a number of problems, including respiratory issues for members of your household.

If you are looking for a cost-effective heating system, then solar hot water systems are ideal. K-Oz Plumbing creates totally unique solar hot water systems for their clients in Belmont, build entirely specific to your needs.

Call K-Oz Plumbing today for a solar hot water system quotation in Belmont.

K-OZ Plumbing Belmont Reviews 

One Of Belmonts Most Popular Emergency Plumbers

We offer a wide range of plumbing services to the Belmont area, including real estate plumbing and gas maintenance services, Landlord water efficiency certificates, Body Corp plumbing advice, and much more.

We cover from Pine Mountain Road, Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road and down to the Gateway Motorway QLD 4122

At K-Oz Plumbers, we have been the Top 3 Plumbers in Brisbane 5 years in a row. With an incredible 100%, positive feedback, across multiple verified customer review websites – our work is synonymous with quality.

You can even find us on Handy Man Reviews as some of the Best Plumbers in Belmont.

So if you’re looking for a trustworthy, honest local Belmont Plumber, give us a call 07 3901 6042.



All of our plumbers and gas fitters are fully-licenced and trained to deal with emergencies, and we maintain the highest safety standards we can.
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We offer a 7-year workmanship guarantee on our plumbing services, along with providing aftercare options for both residential and commercial clients.
Cost Saving


K-OZ Plumbing offers fair and competitive pricing. Contact us today to get a FREE obligation-free quote from our plumbing experts in Brisbane.

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