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Blocked Stormwater Drains? Here’s What You Need to Know

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    When it rains or storms, do you have trouble with standing water or flooding? The can be more than a nuisance. It can cause significant property damage and limit your ability to leave home.

    Blocked stormwater drains are common reasons for these problems. Sometimes, you can resolve this yourself or with your neighbour’s help. Other situations require a professional plumber.

    Keep reading to learn more about stormwater systems and blocked drains.

    Purpose of Stormwater Systems

    The Australian sewage and stormwater systems are separated. Any rain draining from rooves and the land flow into stormwater drains. This water isn’t normally treated before flowing into waterways and out to sea.

    Problems Caused by a Blocked Stormwater Drain

    It’s important to maintain normal stormwater run-off. Changes to the water flow or blockage of drains cause many problems. This includes flooding, pollution, and property damage.

    If you have flooding problems due to a neighbour changing the landscape talk with them. Common problems include:

    Any building built before 1976 isn’t connected to the current stormwater system. You may see pipes that empty rainwater onto the ground. If you can’t resolve the issue with your neighbour, contact a plumber or solicitor.

    How to Clear Blocked Stormwater Drains

    Begin by determining the reason for stormwater flooding or standing water. You may be able to resolve some issues on your own. Other situations need professional plumbers to fix your problems.

    Check stormwater drains for blockages caused by plant overgrowth, debris, or other causes. Is there a collection of leaves or dirt in the drain? Are there structural issues as described above that are creating stormwater problems?

    Remove the drain cover and look for items blocking the flow of water. Wear gloves and consider using drain rods to manually remove debris.

    When using drain rods, thrust them into the clog and rotate them CLOCKWISE. If you turn them counterclockwise, you may unscrew plunger attachments. Hold on tight to the rod so It doesn’t fall down the drain.

    Once you’ve cleared the drain, run water from a garden hose to make sure it doesn’t back up again. If you haven’t resolved the problem; it may be time to call a professional plumber.

    If the stormwater drain is clear, there may be over-ground water flow problems. In this case, you may want to have seepage drains or field gully catchment pits installed. These options direct water into the stormwater system and prevent pooling.

    Do You Need Help Clearing Blocked Stormwater Drains?

    Are you struggling with standing water or flooding during rainstorms? This may indicate blocked stormwater drains. K-Oz Plumbing fixes plumbing needs in the Southside of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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