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The top causes of a blocked stormwater drain (& how to fix it!)

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    When your stormwater drain is working as it should, then you likely don’t give it much thought. 

    Yet, when water is pooling up inside and around it, then it becomes obvious that something’s wrong. Has yours started looking blocked, lately?

    If so, we can help you figure out why. Let’s take a look at the top reasons your stormwater drain might be clogged, and what you can do about it. 

    1. Excess Precipitation

    Stormwater drains serve an important purpose. Any time it rains, that water flows into your gutters and downpipes, as well as the stormwater drainage pits around your home. 

    From there, it’s sent to the greater stormwater drainage system in your street or neighbourhood. If your area receives a heavy amount of precipitation, then your outdoor drain might look a little fuller than usual. These drains aren’t typically designed to handle a major torrent.

    This is especially the case if you haven’t cleaned your gutters in a while. When this happens, rainwater can’t move through them as quickly or easily. Instead, it gets slowed down by environmental matter, including leaves, dirt, twigs, sand, bark, and mulch. 

    Once it starts moving, all that matter gets flushed into your stormwater drain at the same time, which can clog it. Leaving the matter untreated could cause flooding and expensive property damage, so it’s important to call your plumber as soon as you notice a problem. 

    2. Tree Roots

    Organic matter isn’t always to blame for a blocked stormwater drain. In some cases, underground pipes can develop small cracks over time. Or, they might be misaligned due to improper installation. 

    When this happens, nearby tree roots can intrude into those open spaces. Eventually, this can slow down the flow of water and cause a more problematic clog. 

    If you’re planting new trees on your property, then always check to make sure you know where your drain pipes are buried. If you suspect that this might be the culprit, then call our team for an expert inspection. 

    3. Broken Pipes

    Broken pipes can collapse with time, wear, and age. This can impede the normal flow of water and block your stormwater drain. 

    While tree roots and poor installation are often to blame for these breaks, they can also occur with general wear and tear over time. This is why it’s so important to only trust a qualified, licensed plumber to install your underground drains. 

    While DIY projects are on the rise, a plumber can make sure that the pipes are installed the right way, using all of the right materials. This can help your drain system work efficiently for as long as possible. 

    We Can Fix Your Blocked Stormwater Drain

    If you suspect that you have a blocked stormwater drain, then it’s best to give our team a call as soon as possible. Attempting to correct the issue yourself could lead to more extensive (and expensive) damage. 

    Our experienced team can use the latest tools and technologies to remove stubborn debris and keep your drains and gutters in great shape. Give us a call today to connect. 

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