The Different Hot Water Systems: Electric vs. Solar vs. Gas

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    Did you know over one-fourth of Australian household energy is used for hot water? Choosing an energy-efficient system reduces your carbon footprint and saves money. A hot water system may use electricity, gas, or the sun as its energy source.

    Are you understand the difference between these types of systems? Keep reading to find an overview of each one.

    Cost Considerations Related to Your Hot Water System

    Heating water takes a lot of energy. Showering, bathing, and doing laundry account for most Australian’s hot water use.

    Each time you use heated water, you pay twice. Once for the amount of water and second for the energy needed to make it hot.

    If you’ve got an old or run-down water heater, you may pay higher costs. Choosing a more efficient version can reduce monthly utility bills. Look for the type of system that best suits your needs and climate.

    Electric Water Heater

    About 50 per cent of Australian homes use electric hot water storage systems. These systems are the least expensive to buy and install.

    It’s key to know that they’re also more expensive to operate which increases utility bills. Yet, if you power the electric water heater with a solar photovoltaics system it can cost less.

    Solar Hot Water System

    Solar hot water systems collect energy from the sun to generate heat. Many home builders and homeowners who are getting new systems are going solar. This offers a clean, natural, and renewable energy source that’s environmentally friendly.

    You reduce your carbon footprint by putting less fossil fuel into the atmosphere. This type of system is more efficient and costs less over time than gas and electric models. You won’t pay for electricity or gas to heat your water.

    Homeowners, on average, pay 50 per cent less with solar water heating systems. People living in hot, sunny areas may even have a 90 per cent reduction in utility costs.

    Solar panels convert sunlight into energy that heats the water in one step. Solar heater panels have a higher efficiency level than standard solar panels. Most homes only need between one and three panels for this purpose.

    Another plus of choosing solar is that it can increase your homes resale value. Many buyers will be more interested in choosing a home with an energy-saving system in place.

    They know that this will reduce their monthly utility bills. This makes your home a more attractive choice.

    Gas Water Heater

    Most gas hot water heaters are installed outdoors. These systems need venting to operate safely.

    Their initial price, installation, and cost to run the system ranges from medium to high. The most common type is a continuous or instantaneous flow gas water heater.

    These systems tend to provide less efficiency, especially in colder climates. The reason for this is that they lose a lot of heat from the gas flame. You can’t put insulation in this area because it would catch fire.

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