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  •   Kristine StL
    January 2018

    We were recommended this company by our pest company and we were extremely glad for it. They were on time and extremely courteous & professional looking. Couldn't fault his work and would definitely recommend the company for any sort of plumbing job.

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  •   Peter Rowan
    April 2017

    I had Dave come out to repair our leaking toilet, the job was done quickly and the service exceeded my expectations. I would definitely use K OZ in the future and suggest anyone looking for reliable plumbing services to give them a call.

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  •   Christopher B
    December 2016

    Being a disabled pensioner with a chronic bowel disease, a functioning toilet and drainage system is an absolute necessity. Whenever I've had an issue with our system, it makes me very stressed being...

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  •   Ko-ichi
    November 2016

    I chose K-OZ plumbing based on the reviews here and google, and I am happy with my decision. My hot water system started to leak. They came on the same day and gave me a quote. Two days later...

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  •   mongoose75 (Bray Park)
    November 2016

    Great customer service, communication, responsiveness. Also great workmanship at a fair price. Would definitely use again.

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  •   GayleJP (Murarrie)
    September 2016

    Very prompt and professional. Also, great value for the service offered. Will definitely use K-Oz again.

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  •   Ashley McDermid
    July 2016

    We've used K-OZ Plumbing for a number of jobs at our home and have always been very happy with their service. They're prompt, professional, reliable, honest and clean. Sometimes it's the little things that matter...

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  •   KayTea (Carina)
    July 2016

    Very prompt and professional. Also, great value for the service offered. Will definitely use K-Oz again.

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  •   Dawnski
    March 2016

    Always awesome service Punctual, honest, reliable, professional and tidy. Used them a few times since purchasing new home and has always been more than happy with them. Reasonable prices and they work fast and efficiently...

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  •   Theresa N
    March 2016

    We have used K-Oz plumbing multiple times for our rental properties and each time they have been very helpful in explaining the issues that needed fixing and advising us of the costs well beforehand.

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As experienced local Cannon Hill plumbers, K-Oz Plumbing are here to help with any plumbing issues you may encounter including:

We offer a wide range of plumbing services to the Cannon Hill area including real estate plumbing and gas maintenance services, Landlord water efficiency certificates, Body Corp plumbing advice and much more.

K-Oz Plumbing's experienced plumbers give coverage throughout the Cannon Hill and the Brisbane region:

  We cover from Wynnum Road, Richmond Road and down to Creek Road QLD 4170

So if you're looking for a trustworthy honest local Cannon Hill Plumber give us a call 07 3901 6042.

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Servicing the Cannon Hill area:

Water saving tips & plumbing facts for Brisbane:
In The Bathroom

Bathrooms and toilets account for about 40% of your household water use.

Simple changes to your bathroom fittings and in your everyday habits can result in substantial water savings.*

Install a water efficient showerhead.

By replacing your showerhead with a three star/AAA rated showerhead, you can save around 11 litres of water a minute.*

Take shorter showers.

By reducing your shower time by one minute a day, you can save more than 7,300 litres of water a year!*

Install tap aerators.

Tap aerators can reduce the flow of water through a tap by up to 50%. Over a year, this could save a family more than $60.*

Fix dripping taps.

A tap dripping at a rate of one drop per second wastes approximately 20,000 litres of water per year. So make sure you fix a dripping tap as soon as you notice it.*

Only fill the bath with as much water as needed.

Use less water for children and pets and check the temperature as you fill. Adding extra water to get the correct temperature after the bath is at the right level, is wasteful.

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

If you turn off the water while you're brushing your teeth, you could save more than 50,000 litres of water for a family of four over a year.*

Use a dual flush toilet.

Using a dual flush four star rated toilet can save the average home up to 35,000 litres of water a year.*

Check for toilet leaks.

You can check for leaks in your toilet by placing a few drops of food dye into the cistern. If, after 15 minutes, the food dye has seeped into the bowl then you may have a leak. We recommend you get in contact with a licensed plumber to fix this for you.


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