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Check the shower for a build up of hair and grime.  Tree roots may have entered the sewer or stormwater pipework. Call K-Oz plumbing for any Brisbane blocked drains with our eels and jetting equipment.

Leaking taps can waste hundreds of litres per day. Tap washers may need changing. Call K-Oz Plumbing on  07 3901 6042 for help.

Check that there is power to the system, the electrical switch may have tripped for some reason. For gas hot water system, check that there is gas in bottle or the supply hasn’t been cut off. The tempering valve may need changing call you advice.

Heavy rain can cause roof leaks, do not attempt to get on a roof in wet weather. Blocked gutters can also cause roof leaks not allowing the water to flow. We have qualified roofers who can help with roof repairs.

Turn the water off  at the meter box. You can call K-Oz Plumbing 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any emergency help.

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